How do you know when your switchgear is ready to be switched?

by Scriba PR

How do you know when your switchgear is ready to be switched?

When it comes to high voltage switchgear, absolute operational certainty is vital – and something that has long-since been associated with this type of heavy-duty infrastructure. But, did you know that oil-filled switchgear can be prone to failure and faults – meaning that meticulous maintenance procedures need to be followed?

Should systems fail, sites can be looking at extended power outages, which can be detrimental to any business. And, while routine maintenance may require some operational downtime, it’s nowhere near as disruptive should an entire system shut down unexpectedly.

That’s why, if you’re preparing your summer/autumn facilities management schedules, it might be time to consider upgrading obsolete oil-filled switchgear for a modern, newly manufactured alternative.

Not too sure about whether it’s time to switch your switchgear? Some of the main warning signs include:

• Faults within oil compartments • Failure of circuit breaker tripping – which may result in an extended disconnection time due to fault clearance by upstream equipment • Solid insulation faults such as porcelain bushings and mouldings (external to oil chambers) • Contaminated insulating oil • Making or breaking fault current above the rated capability (in case of a circuit-breaker) • Internal component failure • Aged mechanism failure • Compound boxes leaking • Moisture ingress into oil chambers of outdoor equipment.

Most fused types of oil-filled switchgear also pose the challenge of operational restrictions, which can act as a hindrance when it comes to site network power control. However, Smith Brothers’ vast experience working with high voltage infrastructure means we’re perfectly poised to help.

Through our trusted supply chain, Smith Brothers can offer replacements which are tailored to the requirements of your site. What’s more, all-new switchgear comes with a 12-month warranty guarantee from its commissioning date.

For further information, or an initial discussion regarding replacement switchgear options, contact business development and sales manager, Ben Whitaker on: 07387 108 377 or email

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