Prevention is better than the cure: essential winter maintenance

by Scriba PR

While the UK may still be clinging on to sunshine and warmer weather, for facilities managers across the country, there’s no time like the present to be thinking about your site’s winter maintenance strategy.

Although icy mornings and frozen pipes might feel like they are months away, now really is the time to make sure all electrical components are properly inspected for any potential issues – which can then be fixed in time for ‘the big freeze’.

Just as you would with any other aspect of site management, proper maintenance of your industrial electrical system is key if you’re to avoid costly winter shutdowns. After all, plants’ power usage is far greater during the colder, darker, months – with lights and heating running overtime.

For sites with their own HV network – which is often home to substations fitted with switchgear, transformers, protection relays and ancillary tripping or metering devices – proper inspections are vitally important to maintaining business as usual.

When reviewing the state of on-site power units, it’s important to consider condition monitoring, protection grading and tripping, earthing integrity, partial discharge testing, and power quality surveyance – to put your best foot forward when the winter weather arrives.

If your on-site electricians aren’t suitably qualified – or authorised – to enter substations, you might consider exploring a Control Operation and Maintenance Agreement (C.O.M.A) with an electrical engineering specialist.

Organisations such as Smith Brothers can help to relieve some of the pressures associated with being liable for the equipment – allowing you to focus on keeping operations running smoothly. Why choose Smith Brothers?

With UK-wide operational coverage, Smith Brothers Contracting is well-placed to support any HV requirements you might have. Contracted customers also gain access to our 24-7-365 emergency callout facility – meaning we can be on hand to attend in the event of a fault, failure, or emergency.

We’re also offering completely free consultations – without obligation – to discuss how we might be able to help. Contact us for further information.

Prevention is better than the cure: essential winter maintenance
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