Checking in with our apprentices as they head to UCT

by Scriba PR

Checking in with our apprentices as they head to UCT

The Smith Brothers team is always on the lookout for rising stars within the industry – and we’ve certainly found some with our current intake of apprentices.

A quartet of colleagues started their careers with us in September, in a bid to become fully-fledged HV fitters and jointers as part of our apprenticeship scheme – which combines hands-on experience on Smith Brothers projects, with a two-year City & Guilds academic course and three years with Utility and Construction Training (UCT).

With their first taste of hands-on experience under their belts, the foursome have now headed to UCT to begin work on some of the more theoretical and academic elements of the course. We thought we’d check in, to see how they were doing.

Apprentice HV fitter Cameron Galbraith told us: “The first five weeks at Smith Brothers have been great. We’ve been visiting sites and spent time at the various offices, which gave us a great start and insight into the future we have as part of the team.

“As a group, we’ve already gained valuable experience in areas such as panel wiring, glanding and brazing. Every credit to our ‘teachers’ – Liam Smith (commissioning engineer), Craig Kilkenny (site manager), and James Boothroyd (HV fitter) who are all incredible people to work with. They truly have helped us to develop skills which we might not otherwise have put into practice until further on in our careers.”

As part of the programme, all trainees will spend one month per year at the training centre, 9-10 months on site with Smith Brothers, and the remaining time focused on completing the City and Guilds academic requirements.

Once they have successfully completed their qualifications, each candidate will be offered the opportunity to join the team on a permanent basis.

Cameron added: “We’ve recently started at the Utilities and Construction Training Centre (UCT) where we’ve had an in-depth look into the course and its contents – from mathematics for the City and Guilds qualification, as well as the specialised practical training for the Power Network Craftsperson course. We’ve also been busy working our way through a first aid course – and are keen to learn more and develop further skills.”

Applications for the apprenticeship scheme will reopen in summer 2022, but if you’re interested in joining the Smith Brothers team, you can see all our current vacancies, here.

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