Things to watch out for when winter driving

by Scriba PR

There’s no denying that the winter weather has firmly arrived, and with that in mind, it’s important that we remember to take just that bit more care when we’re on the road. But why does the winter weather demand more caution? Darrell Johnson, SHEQ manager at Smith Brothers takes a closer look…

Darker nights draw in

Research has revealed that there is a 10% increase in serious and fatal pedestrian collisions in the first four weeks of the clocks changing back. As the darker nights draw in, regular commuters must prepare to start driving with reduced visibility once they leave their place of work in the evenings.

Lights on

Additionally, it’s vital to watch out for pedestrians dressed in dark clothing in built-up areas. It’s essential to check that all your vehicle’s lights are functioning correctly to help avoid any accidents occurring. Especially important when the wind and the rain isn’t on our side!

Tyre checks

Whilst checking your vehicles lights, it’s also important to check the condition of the wipers, as well as the tyre pressures – this is vital once the weather begins to worsen over the colder months. The UK law states the minimum tread depth as 1.6mm, however, the AA recommends at least 2mm – and preferably 3mm if possible.

Engine management

If your vehicle is currently showing any warning lights, get them checked ASAP! A top up of antifreeze will also keep your car’s engine and radiator in check – an important job all year round but particularly in the winter months.

Essential maintenance

To combat the glare from the winter sun in the mornings, it is also recommended that you clean the inside of your vehicle’s glass to help avoid any serious accidents. As the driver, you are personally responsible for any safety-related aspects of the vehicle you are driving, which is essential to remember as we approach the colder months.

Things to watch out for when winter driving
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