Smith Brothers is (fully) NERS certified

by Scriba PR

What a way to round out 2021, than with the news that Smith Brothers Contracting Ltd is now fully NERS construction certified.

Covering 132kV cable layout and jointing, civil works, overhead lines, and substation installation, this latest accreditation is key to ensuring the Smith Brothers team remains at the forefront of industry regulation – and safety.

While we were already partially certified previously, moving to full accreditation is a significant moment for Smith Brothers, and bolsters our design certification too – and we’re grateful to the team for working so hard to help us achieve this.

Darrell Johnson, SHEQ manager at Smith Brothers explained: “Our reputation within the high-voltage electrical engineering and contracting industry continues to expand, and with this we aim to gain recognition through qualifying bodies to uphold standards and procedures for Smith Brothers colleagues, contractors, and clients alike.

“As an organisation, we know that ‘rubber stamping’ our capabilities via industry accreditations is a major enabler and differentiator – and we’re grateful to the entire team for their hard work in maintaining our high standards of work.”

The National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) is a UK wide accreditation scheme operated by Lloyd’s Register, and exists to assess the technical competence of Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) with regards to their ability to design, project manage and carry out electrical connections.

Smith Brothers is (fully) NERS certified
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