We’ve joined the Allstar EcoPoint Scheme

by Scriba PR

Here at Smith Brothers, we believe in giving back where we can. Which is why we’re a part of the Allstars carbon neutral scheme to help reduce our fleet’s eco-footprint.

Through accurate journey data capture and logging of fuel management, Allstar’s business mileage monitor helps our teams to keep on top of their fuel usage and spending, as well as working on ways to reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint.

Smith Brothers uses Allstars fuel cards for all vans and vehicles — with the total mileage calculated on an annual basis — and in return, Allstar will plant trees on our behalf to ensure our carbon footprint is at net-zero.

Smith Brothers is committed to enhancing the natural environment by balancing its residual carbon footprint with woodlands created under the Allstar EcoPoint Scheme.

As a result of the scheme, new woodland totalling 4,524,971 trees and covering 9,766 acres are being created and protected by Forest Carbon on behalf of Allstar and its EcoPoint members.

And we’re proud of the fact that Smith Brothers contributed 168 trees in 2020 — and we are eagerly awaiting the total for 2021.

We’ve joined the Allstar EcoPoint Scheme
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