The Connection: March

by Scriba PR

Spring has sprung, in more ways than one, at Smith Brothers HQ this month. As well as being blessed with the turn of the new season, we’ve progressed a whole host of our high power projects, and seen our apprentices grow in leaps and bounds too. Here’s a sneak peek of the things we’ve been working on, throughout March…

Carbon capture breakthroughs

Appointed as the ICP last year, Smith Brothers has been delivering EPC expertise to a portfolio of LMPH and Victory Hill projects – designed to support the transition towards more sustainable power generation. Here, we see the latest progress towards a clean, net zero, flexible, and dependable electricity solution for the UK — with a 33-11kV transformer landed and constructed at Rhodesia. Thanks to James Boothroyd for the snap!

Carbon capture breakthroughs

Other news in Rhodesia

Dale Watson’s install of a Genie Evo — a comprehensive, environmentally-insensitive, medium voltage switchgear range, offering an innovative and highly-reliable solution to primary and secondary distribution needs — makes for greater progress in Rhodesia, Nottinghamshire. Just look at that finish!


Apprentices hard at work

Trainee fitters, Rory Sharp and Cameron Gailbraith, were welcomed into the Smith Brothers fold around a year and a half ago — as part of our 2021 apprentice intake. And they’ve each been making impressive developments on their knowledge and skillset ever since. Courtesy of Elliott Johnson, this picture showcases the pair installing 11kV bushings and busbars onto the 132kV transformers at Peddimore recently.

Apprentices hard at work

Well, there goes March! Thanks to those for sending in their photos last month. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest developments.

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