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Cable joints and terminations are a fundamental component of power distribution, therefore the integrity of any system is reliant on their quality and reliability. So, whether you’re working on a commercial and industrial, renewables, offshore, water treatment or capacity management project, talk to us about what’s possible.

Our highly skilled jointers have experience working with most types of power cable up to 132,000 volts, as well as small diameter control, telecoms and fibre optic cables too. This means that, whatever the scope of your needs, you’re assured of a professional, responsive and cost-effective service.

What do our cabling and jointing services include?

Cable and jointing services including cable management, installations and fault finding

Network switch-ons independently certified experienced jointer
Turnkey installation

Highly skilled, continuously trained

Because the development of new cable types and connection techniques is constantly evolving, our jointers are constantly re-training to remain abreast of the latest technology. For example, they have been independently certified by ABB, Raychem (Tyco), 3M, Lovink, Nexams and Pfisterer – to name but a few – on inner and outer cone plug connectors, joints, terminations and sealing ends.

If you are looking for an experienced jointer to help you with your cabling requirements, contact us on 0333 358 3653 or email to learn how we can help.

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