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We specialise in the design and manufacture of pre-fabricated containerised solutions – an increasingly popular, economical and hassle-free approach to supplying energy to a site.

pre-fabricated containerised solutions

Pre-fabricated containerised substations constructed off-site

Whether the electrical power is required for a new, expanding or outdated facility, our experienced engineers will survey the site to understand the specification of works, before constructing the best-fit substation off-site. Everything, from the switchgear and transformers to the auxiliary panels, is housed and pre-tested in this one neat purpose-built unit. The only on-site activity required is the preparation of a base, which keeps civil and planning works to a minimum.

Then, as soon as the slab is ready, we’ll deliver, install and connect the containerised solution. It’s as easy as ‘plug and play’.

The benefits of a containerised solution

The advantages of containerised substations are numerous. They are compact, for example, which is often important when space is at a premium. What’s more, because they are fabricated offsite, they facilitate the swift supply of energy and accelerated project scheduling. They can be constructed with ease in an efficient manufacturing environment, on-site disruption is minimised and there are less tradesmen and risks to manage.

This minimisation of delay, coupled with the cost-effective construction method, makes containerised substations a financially attractive approach when providing power to a site. In fact, such a system can achieve numerous time and cost savings when compared to a conventional substation alternative.

low and high voltage substations cost-effective construction method constructing the best-fit substation
containerised sub-station delivery

Do you require a containerised substation?

We can design and manufacture custom-made low and high voltage substations up to 132kV. To ensure the safe and reliable supply of power to your site, we also offer a range of maintenance services to keep your containerised solution in perfect working order.

So whether you are building a new site, require extra capacity or need to upgrade your power supply, talk to us about what’s possible.

If you are interested in a quote for a containerised substation, or you’d like to see how much you’d save by purchasing a pre-fabricated solution, call us on 0333 358 3653 or email to learn how we can help.

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