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Planned preventative maintenance of power distribution systems, including switchgear and transformers

To ensure the safe, cost-efficient and uninterrupted operation of your power distribution system, planned preventative plant maintenance is essential. However, because high voltage switchgear and transformers are so reliable, they are often overlooked when it comes to regular servicing. The same can be said for protective equipment that remains inactive until it is called on to operate. But waiting until a fault arises, can be incredibly disruptive, expensive, and sometimes even dangerous.

That’s why Smith Brothers’ high voltage power experts offer a range of flexible maintenance agreements for all clients, to ensure your plant remains in perfect working order and legally compliant.

A Safe pair of hands Named as an approved contractor for many blue-chip organisations. Maintenance Warrington WwTW UU

Complete care of your distribution system

Our highly-trained electrical engineers can provide a complete care package for your distribution system which includes switching, routine & after fault maintenance, protection and oil testing, and the servicing of associated auxiliary equipment. Talk to us to devise a maintenance agreement that suits your budget.

We can also be named as the HV-nominated maintenance contractor (an Authorised Person) should issues arise. In the event of a breakdown or interruption to your power supply our diagnostics team will locate the fault within your HV and LV cables, before digging out, jointing, testing and reinstating the cable concerned.

A safe pair of hands

Because Smith Brothers’ electrical engineers offer a safe pair of hands, we’ve long been named as an approved contractor for many blue-chip organisations including but not limited to United Utilities, Western Power Distribution and Kellogg’s. We therefore prove a crucial piece of the jigsaw that helps maintain the UK’s power network. We can be called upon to conduct emergency switchgear and cabling repairs and will efficiently rectify faults and breakdowns to minimise customer disruption.

However clichéd it sounds, prevention is better than cure. Whether you’re a new or existing client, talk to us about your maintenance requirements and we can devise a care programme tailored to the specific needs of your site. Please call 0333 358 3653 or email to discuss your needs.

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