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Smith Brothers delivers turnkey electrical infrastructure packages

We have specialised in supplying low and high voltage power to clients since our business was first established 25 years ago – it’s at the heart of what we do. Our team of highly-skilled electrical engineers is equipped to deliver the full scope of services on projects large and small. We employ, train and develop our own electricians, designers, jointers, fitters, wiremen, testers and labourers.

That’s why clients often approach us for a turnkey electrical infrastructure package. They know we’re renowned in this field, we have more experience than our competitors and the benefits of one trusted point of contact are numerous.

Testing and commissioning

One supplier, many benefits

Whether we’re working on a straightforward low voltage project or a complex high voltage distribution system, our turnkey packages can provide many benefits to clients:

Project coordination and management Cable laying, cable containment, jointing, civils work and reinstatement A single supplier eases the coordination of on-site labour
Testing and commissioning

How can we help?

Of course, some clients only require our support for a small part of a project, which is why we provide each of our services singly. However, for clients who want us to take care of the electrical power works from start to finish, we offer turnkey packages including:

To discuss your upcoming project, or to get an indication of costs, call us on 0333 358 3653 or email to learn how we can help.

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